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In memoriam

Aspi Moddie

Aspi Moddie lived several lives in his long life of 93 years. He was part of the British army and fought in the Arakan mountains in Burma. Being injured he returned to civil life soon. Starting as an IAS officer in independent India he was posted at the India-Nepal border.... more

Ian McNaught-Davis

He started as a leading rock climber and till old age he was climbing at good standards. His greatest achievement in climbing was to make the first ascent of Muztagh Tower [7,276 m] with Joe Brown, John Hartog and Tom Patey in 1956.... more

Dick Isherwood

Dick Isherwood's first expedition to the mountains of Asia was to Swat Kohistan in 1964, and his last trek to Manaslu was in late 2012, just a couple of months before his sudden death. Over nearly half a century in between he worked, climbed and travelled all over the Himalayan region.... more

George Lowe

Lowe has been described as the 'forgotten hero' of Everest. It is unlikely he minded. Though witty and amusing company, Lowe shunned the limelight and expressed relief that he was not in the summit party. "Ed Hillary was the right one. I wouldn't have had the diplomacy that he had," he said.... more

R Martin Scott

Having a theoretical physicist as a father and a classicist as a mother, Martin grew up in an intensely intellectual environment. While he undoubtedly acquired his considerable intellectual prowess from his parents, he chose not to follow an academic career, but...... more

Rebuild Ladakh

Himalayan Club Initiative

On 5th Aug, 2010, disaster struck. The high-altitude desert of Ladakh, sheltered from rain by the Himalaya, was devastated by Flash Floods.

The Himalayan Club is committed to rebuild Ladakh and has undertaken two projects to prove that Ladakh is hit but not beaten.

Anand Ram Fund

Himalayan Club initiative

In 2007, during a Club sponsored expedition, one of the support staff, Anand Ram, unfortunately took ill and expired on his way back. He is survived by his wife, three children and mother. The team members decided to support the family and the Club started a fund.

Climbing Sherpas
of Darjeeing

Today the word 'Sherpa' is synonymous with mountain climbing. The Sherpa project was initiated in 2012 to record the lives of Sherpa climbers and their families in Darjeeling, beginning from the earliest days of exploration and expeditions in the Himalaya.


The Himalayan Club is open to all lovers of the mountains. Our members are found throughout the world and include some legendary mountaineers, explorers and people who have contributed immensely to studying the Himalaya. We prefer to have our members with some experience of visiting the Himalaya.

Rules: Applicants are expected to have experience of at least two visits to the Himalayan/ Karakoram/ Hindu Kush ranges either for climbing, trekking, exploration or special studies. Alternative experience in other mountain ranges will be favourably considered and the committee in the case of deserving overseas applicants may relax this requirement.

Benefits: The Himalayan club is involved in several activities described in the section with the same name. However, in addition to the several areas where the club contributes regularly to Himalayan climbing, the club also has financial grants available for similar purposes. ... more